• jubileeartscanada This devotional masterpiece called “The Journey” is visual poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi, and the prayer hall space at the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby, B.C. It is inspired by the creative prompts of devotion, aspiration, legacy and time.

    In this poem, Rumi has expressed his love for the divine so deep, that his poetry only scratches the surface. It has been translated by Deepak Chopra and recomposed by Jamil Mawani to express the love for Mawla. This film represents the experience one would feel in the house of prayer, where the hidden messages in the poetry are revealed through the architecture. Jamil was inspired to make this film after facing a troubling time in his life.

    Embracing his faith with more depth, it was through this process, that Rumi’s poetry resonated with him.

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