Creative Director.

Creative director at Third Eye Pro, Jamil has a passion for cinematography and post production. In collaboration with other artist and in light of the Diamond Jubilee Year. Jamil has created many videos for the Ismaili Community, here are a few of his projects.



A Devotional Collection

A Jubilee Arts Collaboration

“Mawla” by Tazneem Tarmohamed

Written & Performed by Tazneem Tarmohamed – BC Winner Song Category
Dance by Alyssa Amarshi – BC Winner Dance Category
Film  “The Journey” by Jamil Mawani – BC Winner Film C
Directed by Jamil Mawani
Edited by Andrew Sampson
Camera by Jamil Mawani, Jashan Deol, Andrew Sampson
Location: The Ismaili Centre Vancouver

Wajhu The Glimpse
Tasmiya Concert
Ismaili Centre Vancouver

Tasmiya Productions is a group of artist from different backgrounds, united through music. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Tasmiya had the honor of being part of music directors Salim & Suleman 
Wajhu: The Glimpse, is a two-hour long production, which initiates a journey of Intezar, and yearnings for the Glimpse of the Imam. The journey involves expressions of love and gratitude through Ginanas, Qasidas, Quranic Ayats, Sufi literature, and Zikr.

Here is a “glimpse” of this production or watch the 2 hr production below

A Jubilee Arts Collaboration

A Jubilee Arts Collaboration

A photography slideshow of Vancouvers’ first Jamat Khana.  A Jubilee Arts Initiative, these photo were captured to treasure the beauty of this space through the eye of a lens. Can you spot these elements? 

To view and download these photos click here

Photographed by Jamil Mawani
Assistant photographer Salima Kara

Morning Raga - Mohamed Assani Amarjeet Singh

One of the unique characteristics of Indian music is the assignment of definite times of the day and night for performing Ragas (modes/melodies). It is believed that the Raga can only appear at the height of its melodic beauty if played at the right time of day. Since most concerts take place in the evening, audiences rarely have a chance to listen to morning ragas, thus missing out on a huge repertoire of outstanding compositions. Morning Raga – Mohamed Assani  Amarjeet Singh – Raag Gujri Todi Bandish in Teen Taal.

Learn more visit www.mohamedassani.ca

BC Jubilee Arts Festival

From the performing arts and painting to film and fashion design, the global Jamat participated in kicking off the Jubilee Arts progam and competed nationally in Festival of Arts that united the gobal Jamat in an expression of love and devotion. Each province and state would compete locally and take to the National stage to present their work to the global Ismaili Jamat in Lisbon Portugal. This video is a compilation of all the local artist in BC, produced and edited by Jamil and his team at Third Eye Pro.

His Highness the Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Canada Visit

For over 60 years the Aga khan has been guiding the global Ismaili community, through is leadership and philanthropy. The Imam has created strong and deep roots in Canada through various foundations. Through pluralism and civil society, the Ismaili community has learned best practices from the Aga Khan leadership. The Canadian Jamat celebrated as the Aga visited all province across the country. This video produced and edited by Jamil Mawani, Andy Nathani and Jalal Karim.  

A Jubilee Arts Collaboration

3 Countries - 1 Song

Composed by: Aly Sunderji Lyrics: Hassanally Rammal (Suman) Vocals: Aly Sunderji & Shaheena Karim Tarana by: Pt. Rattan Mohan Sharma Music & Arrangement: Kedar Pandit Recorded at Lata Mangeshkar Studio Mumbai. Tabla & Pakhawaj: Pt. Kedar Pandit Dhol: Vikram Bhat Bansuri: Sandeep Kulkarni Acoustic Guitar: Dnyanesh Deo Synthesizer: Adwait Patwardhan Rhythm Programming: Ajay Atre Chorus: Hrishikesh Kelkar, Sandeep Ubale, Sanjeev Mehendale, Bhagyashri Abhyankar, Amita Ghugari, Suchita Dhotkar. Videographers: CANADA: Video Production by Jamil Mawani. Editing by www.ThirdEyePro.ca PORTUGAL: Ayaz Palma INDIA: Nazim Lokhandwala 

Diamond Jubilee Celebration BC Place Vancouver 2018

Held at BC Place in Downtown Vancouver, thousands of Ismaili’s gathered to celebrate His Highness the Aga Khans Diamond Jubilee. Volunteers of all ages were on site to prepare the Jamat for this auspicious occasions. Third Eye Pro had the honour of capturing this event and His Highness’s visit to Vancouver BC.

Salgirah Mubarak 2018 Devotional Messages

Celebrating the Aga Khans 81st birthday on his Diamond Jubilee Year, select members of the Canadian Jamat expressed their love in a devotional message video collage. From the young to the elderly and in all languages including sign, the Jamat came forward to participate in the timeless video piece. This video is for the BC Jamat and was captured and produced by Jamil Mawani. 

BC Headquarters Jamat Khana 25th Anniversary

Heaquarter Jamat Khana in North Vancouver has a profound history and the journey to establish this building and space required leadership, skill and resources. This documentary gives the tell-tale story behind it all. Produced by Karim Lalani AKA Fame, Anzoom Nathani, Jamil Mawani and Andrew Sampson. Special thanks to Dr Karim Lalani and Alikhan Juma. 

Salim & Sulaiman Vancouver Diamond Jubilee Concerts

A Diamond Jubilee initiative, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant along Raj Pandit, Sukriti Kakar and Vipul Metha presented a devotional concert at Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, BC. The Canadian concert performances will include a combination of sufi, pop, qawwali and Bollywood songs. Using music – a universal language that transcends faith, ethnicity and nationality – the performance is designed to uplift, inspire, and bring people together.   

Dispersion - Ismaili Centre Vancouver

A  21st Century Art Event called “The Courtyard Commission.” The composition accompanied a live dance performance and interactive projections. Vancouver Counterpoint explores the pursuit of finding order. This chaos is represented by layering organic ‘found sounds’ of the Vancouver landscape combined with synthesized ambient and percussive tones. The call for order is then explored by multiple clarinet melodies, which converge and diverge across the composition and represent the progression towards finding harmony.

A golden jubilee project

Heritage Development Tour 2007 East Africa

Filmed by Jamil Mawani for His Highness the Aga Khan Golden Jubilee Visit.  As part of the hertitage development program. Applicants of young professionals from around the globe who excelled in their feild were selected to journey through time in a guided tour of the Ismaili Community heritage across East Africa. Jamil Mawani had the honor and privileged to join this group and capture these moments to share with our Jamat. A memories that will be treasured for a lifetime!

His Highness the Aga Khan Golden Jubilee

Take a journey through the Golden Jubilee in Canada for Mawlana Shah Karim Al-Husayni. A story and collage of the Aga Khan accomplishment over the 50 years of Imamat.  

A golden jubilee project

World Partnership Walk 2019 - Vancouver

Filmed by Jamil Mawani for His Highness the Aga Khan Golden Jubilee Visit

Ismaili Walk Vancouver 25th Anniversary

For 25 years the Ismaili Muslim Community of BC has held a community walk as a fundraising event to improve the quality of life for British Columbians. 

World Partnership Golf Tournament 2019 Vancouver

In celebration of thd Diamond Jubilee of his Highness the Aga Khan. The Canadian Jamat and Volunteers came together is such spirit of brotherhood and professionlaism for each city to have hosted such an event. The president for the Canadian Ismaili Council addresses the Jamat at this Centre.

President Malik Talib Speech to Jamat & Volunteers​

In celebration of thd Diamond Jubilee of his Highness the Aga Khan. The Canadian Jamat and Volunteers came together is such spirit of brotherhood and professionlaism for each city to have hosted such an event. The president for the Canadian Ismaili Council addresses the Jamat at this Centre.

The Journey - Rumi Recomposed A Jubilee Arts Film - Trailer

This trailer is from the short film of the Journey, A Diamond Jubilee initiative, Jamil Mawani produced a wonderful film on the Ismaili Center in Burnaby and the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi. Jamil and his team captured stunning cinematography through fractal filters and high speed cameras. This film not only won BC’s festival but the Nationals at the Toronto Festival representing Canada at the International Jubilee Arts Film Festival in Lisbon Portugal.

Jubilee Arts Festival

Vancouver ➔ Toronto ➔ Lisbon